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Rock 'N' Rolla offers a line of fun, stylish and portable turntables.”
This turntable transports you back to the ‘60s with its retro look, sound and build quality.” Goldmine

The Rock 'N' Rolla Premium portable briefcase turntable might be all high tech gadgetry and modern bells and whistles, but deep inside its heart and soul, it is the nostalgic music fan's wildest dreams.” Goldmine

[Because] not only do they [vinyl records] sound exactly like they ought to, they’re being played on much the same kind of turntable they were made for.” Goldmine

The Rock ‘N’ Rolla turntable offers a retro experience without the struggle to music lovers.”

The Junior packs a punch with its classic looks, excellent quality and amazing modern features. This portable record player/music system has great sound and is the perfect companion to any music lover.” Casa Moncada

This lightweight Bluetooth turntable is the perfect introduction to vinyl for music lovers.” Main Line Today

We made sure all the components inside the Rock 'N' Rolla, from the heat-tested belts to the motor, to the speakers, to the balanced tone arm, to the diamond-tipped needle, all matched quality-wise the very cool look of the outside.” Rock N' Rolla's Marshall Blonstein in an interview with Goldmine

For someone just getting into vinyl, the Rock 'N' Rolla Jr. is a properly priced introduction.” Neil Ferguson,

Rock 'N' Rolla produces high quality, reliable record players while keeping the cost affordable. With the Rock 'N' Rolla, you get a product made with hand selected quality components, adding modern technology but keeping that famous 50s style.” Angie's Angel Help Network

Rock 'N' Rolla record players are built to last. This is a classy portable record player that really packs a punch!” Angie's Angel Help Network

The top of the line Rock 'N' Rolla XL contains all the basic features with an added hidden CD player resulting in this model weighing more than the other two versions (the Junior and Premium).” CelebBuzz

The Rock 'N' Rolla portable briefcase turntable is the perfectly balanced blend of retro and high-tech; a dream come true for young enthusiasts and nostalgic fans alike.”

Rock 'N' Rolla will transport you back to the first time you placed a needle to record, or make you fall in love for the first time with the sound of vinyl.”

This is the coolest suitcase you'll ever own.” The Dallas Morning News

Best of all, this new BFF will make sure that there's always a chance for a pop-up party.” The Dallas Morning News